kia ora

My latest book, The Leading Edge details the fundamentals of golf psychology based on The Playing Attitude and the Basic Tool Box. 

It takes you through to more advanced tactics which introduce practical and novel psychology tools that players and coaches can use immediately like the Eyes Closed drill, Tennis Player’s drill and the React and Go drill. 

There are also chapters on Performance Plans, Risk and Control, Coaching Golfers and the importance of Course Management.  

The concluding problem solving chapter that helps the reader find solutions to the issues that might crop up in their game from time to time. 

The Leading Edge is a practical, easy to follow book on the psychology of golf that expands and develops established ideas from many years of extensive research in golf and from working with some of the best golfers in the game. 

Vicki is really down to earth and really helped me see things from a different perspective. She helped me both professionally, with my golf especially my putting which I feel went from being my weakest part of my game to the best part of my game, to helping me deal with personal problems I was dealing with at the time including helping me find support groups and being at the end of the phone when I needed a friendly ear

Emma Weeks