These eight week Golf E-Learning courses have been designed for those wanting to up-skill as a golf player, coach, caddy or those involved with the management and administration aspects of golf.  They provide students with the skills and knowledge to help optimise their golf performance and career. The distance learning courses have weekly assessment tasks so you can up-skill in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Upon passing each course you will gain a High Performance Sports Academy certificate of competence.

The courses are ideal for PGA professionals wanting to ensure their knowledge of the game is current. Upon passing each course PGA professionals will receive 40 Professional Development Points with the PGA of NZ.

Mental Skills

The Mental Skills for Golf is an 8 week online course designed primarily for golf coaches and players who wish to gain a good foundation in the mental skills knowledge needed for effective coaching of golfers at all levels or for maximising personal golf performance.  Covers a variety of mental skills and methods used in a golfing context.

We all seek control of our golf game. Understanding how to map out a golf course is a big part of that. Through this course I have gained methods to get the accurate and necessary information. As a result I have seen substantial improvement in both my own game and that of my students.

Rhys Ogden

PGA Professional

The mental skills I have learnt through this programme have given me the tools to provide a positive and structured environment for my students. I would recommend this course to golfers of all levels as the mental side is an area where great gains can be made in your golf game or teaching.

Rhys Ogden

PGA Professional, New Zealand

Advanced Mental Skills

The follow on course is the Advanced Mental Skills Course for Golf Coaching and Playing, which is aimed at players and coaches involved at the elite level of the game– amateur or professional.  This course focuses on the mental skill needs of elite golfers which will enhance coaching and playing effectiveness.  You will gain information on relationship building, individuality, skill acquisition, implicit learning and periodised plans.
Pre-requisites for this course are the Mental Skills for Golf Coaching & Playing course or an acceptable equivalent qualification.

I am currently doing the mental skills for golf course with you, I would like to say that the course is fun and very interesting and I am enjoying it a lot.

Derek Cribb

PGA Professional, Indonesia

Golf Strategy Course Management

This Golf Strategy Course Management 8 week program is a one of a kind course that has input from industry insiders including Tour caddies, yardage book makers, tournament referees and directors – you will be learning from the best!  This course is essential for anyone involved in the set up and operation of golf courses and tournaments at club, regional, national or international level and future golf caddies.  It’s also suitable for PGA members or golfers, especially elite players, who want to develop in-depth understanding and practical skills in the tactical aspect of golf. Covers course management, golf strategy, caddying, yardage book making and the setting up of tournament courses.

Since I went through this programme I shot 68 at the NZ Open qualifying then missed the cut by 1. I beat our regional number 1 player twice in our pennants competition and last weekend I shot a course record equalling 64 to win the South Otago Champs. I’m looking to have a big year this year…. The skills and confidence I have picked up in this course have helped me more than I would have ever believed! This is just the playing side however I feel I also have the skills to help the better juniors in my area perform to a higher standard with some of the tools I learnt in this 8 week course.

Michael Smith

+1.4 handicap and Otago Golf Development Manager, New Zealand