Just how does a girl from Auckland end up a high performance sports mentor working with professional golfers across the globe?

Well, my family have always been sports mad and I got into golf quite young. I represented Auckland as junior golfer, Otago as a senior golfer and my sister was a touring professional golfer.

After university, I based myself in the UK and worked as the official sport psychology provider to the Ladies European Golf Tour for seven years, taking as much pride in my clients numerous achievements as they did.

Along the way I diversified my consulting practice to work with other elite level regional and national sports teams including netball, rugby, tennis, swimming and softball.

I published numerous articles in sports titles worldwide and co-authored a book, “Caddy Talk: Psychology of Being a Great Golf Caddy” before eventually writing my own book “Leading Edge: The psychology of being a great golfer”

I have also worked with AUT University and NZ PGA to develop golf specific courses on the mental and tactical aspects of the game and was proud to be a founding board member of the NZ Professional Women’s Golfers Charitable Trust which runs the successful annual ‘NZPWG Women’s Pro-Am in Memory of Anita Boon’ 

I am currently based in Darwin (life is strange what can I say?) where I have worked with the Northern Territorty Institute of Sports (NTIS) developing the fourth Pillar of their Coach Development Programme and the NTIS’ ‘Move More Learn More’ project.

I have lectured at Charles Darwin University on Sport and Exercise Psychology and keep my hand in with some kids golf client and ongoing consultancy work

I value your knowledge and approach.  I like your humour and that you are laid back and honest with your comments